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Chore Cards and The Basket

A few months ago I started working on revamping our chore day. We do not have a chore chart, never really worked for me. We do, however, have a chore day that most of our weekly chores get done on. This chore day has stuck for the past few years and so I decided to tweak it since the kids are older, and can read. Now keep in mind these are not new things I was asking the kids to do, but a new way of equipping them to get the jobs done. There are two main parts to the tweak…

Part One

Chore Cards: These are cards I made from supplies I already had – not amazing but already purchased. On one side is the name of a room and on the other is the list of things to do, mostly in order, for that room. Each kid gets 4 cards that include a bathroom, their own bedroom, a shared living space and a hall/walk-way. After they choose the cards they then set off to complete the chores with no reminders needed! When they complete each room/ area they place the card back on the table until their pile is complete. The first day I did this the chore time went from dragging on for hours to 2.5 hours! They were so excited and proud to be done so fast!!!


Part Two

The Basket: This is again, something I already had around the house. The Basket has the job of holding all the little things that are left on the floor, couch or table at the end of the day. In order to get an item back a chore must be done. The kids hate the basket, but love having their things back. These chores include weeding flowerbeds, vacuuming the car, window cleaning, sweeping and cleaning up the yard.

I have included pictures of both (and remember I did not go all out and purchase cute materials to do the little projects). I am sure someone will make cute and amazing ones, but either way they will both get the job done.

Chore Cards
The Basket
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Autumn Coffee

I enjoy a yummy cup of coffee most mornings. Lately the pumpkin drinks have sprouted at the local coffee shops, but I have not had the opportunity to go and get one. So, here is what I did do. For an 8 cup pot I sprinkled the following spices to make a delicious Autumn Blend

On the Coffee Grinds: salt, cinnamon, cloves, finely shredded dry orange peel & In the Empty pot: about a tsp. of vanilla


We may not be able to head out for a quiet cup, but we can make a delicious blend in our own quiet kitchens before the children are up.
*Today I just added cinnamon. Quite enough and such a nice paring with the quiet, rainy morning!

Me with the cinnamon coffee!
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Sudden Changes

Something we all find ourselves dealing with are seasons of sudden changes. Yesterday morning I could not imagine what could possibly be next  and today I am about to make it happen. We have had such a week of change. Some of it we had been seeing on the horizon for a while and other bits just flew into our space and were. The most recent one is to withdraw our little lady from public school and add her back into the count of home schooled children. It was not a change I saw coming, but here it goes…

It was not what I expected, but it will be good.

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So, I home school three boys. And you might think that home school families love to spend every moment together – breakfast, school, lunch and so on. But, I am here to tell you that we seem to be no ordinary home school family. Lunch break comes and we bolt out the class room door and head our separate directions! According to all my books on the home school thing, this is not normal – eh I don’t want normal!

At first we did it all together, when they needed me 24/7. Now though, they have plans for their lunch hour and the ability to get themselves lunch. Its kinda nice. I get one hour in a five hour school day to be quiet, eat, blog, rest, do a chore or prep for the afternoon lessons. I might even be able to invite a friend over for lunch!

Do I feel guilty? I did, but now I don’t. If they have a need then they come to me and we sort it out. But I think the at lunch time need is time apart, and I am here to meet that need to. So I let them be and they are having a great time, without me!