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Under Construction

The road we are living on is under construction. How appropriate as our lives are also under construction right now. Every part of live is changing. Adam and Ben have been sick for several days now but are at the end of it. The big kids are also healing up from their coughs and stuffy noses and I am trying to fight the cold off. Because of this our plan to begin a normal daily routine went out the window! We have been managing the energy of the big kids while trying to let those who are sick rest. Our travel plans were also halted due to sickness. It’s is the unexpected pipeline we hit in the construction zone.

We went to a real Latvian Tex-Mex place today. I had potato pancakes and a delicious latte – very ‘Tex-Mex’. LOL Adam had chicken stuffed with something and a side of spinach/broccoli potatoes. Well, we will give them one star for even trying. Nothing about this place was Texan or Mexican. The food was good though!

In matters of heart, we are growing. It is easier in some ways than others. I did get to the book store and explained to the kids that books in Latvian are few in America and so we started a small home school selection of math, reading comprehension for the big kids and some Latvian for us beginners. The kids are understanding almost everything we say and big brother is translating more and more now for his little sister. Anyhow, I need to go spend some time playing chess with Ben. Atta for now!Funny Faces

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Latvia is beautiful! We have had a nice visit so far and a few snowball fights. Tomorrow we head to ‘First Court’ and will get to be reunited with our big kids! Needless to say we are all very excited for that moment.
Getting here was quite a long journey. We had four flights, we were only supposed to have three. A bonus of the extra long day was the flight over the Alps to Milan! Beautiful countryside! Once we did finally get here we learned something – they exit the planes on the Tarmac! We were blessed with a fresh shower of snow and had only one coat, for 3 people. Ben got the coat. Were we cold? Yes. Was it funny? Well, for the locals who were bundled up like Eskimo, yes. Today we all had a few laughs about our journey thus far as well. The real blessing, though, was the face of a friend who greeted us at the air port! In the end we were all three tucked warmly into our ‘XL-King’ bed, that is really a queen. Oh the joy.
Today really was a great day and we we able to adjust to the 8 hour time difference with ease. Lunch for breakfast, since we slept till 11 am, and a late dinner, and now we are tired at the right time. Our dear friend came back to the hotel tonight and we all went for a nice dinner and short tour of the city. It is, in some places, 800 years old! Ah, the joy of Europe.
As I end this post we would ask that you please pray for us as we begin the new adventure tomorrow!