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Making IT Happen

We have been home for almost two weeks now with the bog kids, Kristaps and Katelyn. You’ll notice the names. They have re-decided on the names themselves and are sticking with them thus far. There is so much in the daily task of choices that these kids are just not ready to handle. Maybe I am not either. We are praying for wisdom to make the best choices and for the strength to trust the Lord to work IT all out.

IT, that moment when things just click. I have seen glimpses and I know IT will come, but I also know IT will take a while yet. I am not sure that I can say the adjustment is harder on one than the others. All are having their own little adjustment and all are showing it in different ways. I have one who acts out – constantly, and one who caves. Speaking of, where is he? Then there is the one who tries to just be happy and the one who copes through finding meaningful tasks. And finally we have one that copes w/o any plan at all – just make it through the moment and have fun doing it.

So, IT will come. The goal is to be here and now and someday to look back and say ‘Look how far we have all come together, in the strength of the Lord!” We do have little victories along the way. Yesterday we had a day without a mega meltdown for anyone, manly one in particular. Adam and I also had a date! Today, well no one else is awake yet today. Each day I hold my breath, expecting nothing more than the Lord to see us through what ever comes. He has been 100% faithful so far and he says he always will be. What a good truth to wake up to!

Today we set out on another school day and our first day to introduce a daily routine. Little by little we are teaching them what family is, does and can be…