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Yes, I am the manager of the home. But oh my how things are in transition for even that these days. Jumping from three children whom I have managed from the beginning’s of their precious lives to managing them plus two older children who have had no instruction, aka management.

Some days are very difficult, but not because of bad attitudes. It is the untrained older children influencing the younger children in a negative way. Lack of responsibility, respect and concern for others. Oi! We knew this would be part of the process, so no surprises there. However, watching the breakdown in our family structure and habits is so hard. I keep reminding myself that we have to walk through this season and that the next season will come in due time.

Breakdown. No, I haven’t had a breakdown – at least not the tearful kind. I have been frustrated, lost perspective and been overwhelmed. I have had coffee too late and wine too early. I have been starving for more of God’s word and full to the brim with  looking at the piles of stuff everywhere. Managing, to barely keep my emotions in-check.

Not a day or moment ever comes that I wish we were not on the journey we have chosen. Make no mistake about my heart, I love these kids!!! But this first year of adjusting, of becoming the new and improved Watters Family, is going to mean a lot more work. And some new management skills…

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Marco – Pillow

Yes, I may be the worst blogger on the planet. But hey, I am an involved Mom! These past few weeks have been very involved to say the least! We have had a great time and it has taken work, grace, prayer, patience and a little wine.

Lets back up. So, when I last wrote we were talking about making ‘It’ happen. Well, good news is that we are making progress, big progress! I know all kids have ‘triggers’, or things that just set them off. However, when adopting older kids from hard places there is no clear set of identified triggers. Great. We have identified several and are learning new ones as the days pass. It is helpful to know these triggers when in a situation or interaction that these triggers are going to come up in. Prevention and preparation and patience and prayer. Oh dear…maybe a glass of wine for Mom at the end of the day.

No that we have been together for 2 months things that were new are becoming normal. I cannot begin to tell you how good that is! The stress is way down. The normalcy of the new is now comforting. Yes, I said comforting! A daily routine is setting in that includes a quiet cup of Joe and some bible reading for me and Cookie, the dog. Well, mostly quiet. Sometimes Cookie feels the need to bolt to the far ends of the earth to chase a cheeky squirrel she will never catch.

Moving on. The kids are making friends! Kris is playing basketball with a great group of guys. We are so thankful and see it as the Lord bringing him something that was an immediate need. He has even been involved in community service and expressed that our family could do it together as well! He is easy to connect with and ‘gets it’. Not easy, but not the most difficult child in the world either.

Now to Katelyn. She is making a few friends but most of her energy focus is at home, as it should be. She needs to let me in. The walls of fear and self-preservation were high for this one. We are making progress that is lending to consistency in emotions, and that is beautiful. She is learning to be who she is an not what she has to be to just survive. Finally, a safe place to build that cocoon so she can be transformed in Christ!

As a whole we are doing well. Leaping from 3 to 5 is challenging! Especially when the two new ones are older and have such a void to fill. We are all loving being together! We will travel as Dad, Mom and big kids to the final court date in Latvia in July. Your prayers are appreciated as we make plans to travel once again, and finalize some paperwork.


The steadfast love of the Lord NEVER ceases! Amen.