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Childish Ways

 Do you ever feel like maybe you are not the grown-up you need to be? Looking back on daily life I have seen times when I want to go back and have a re-do, as the adult. Really. I find myself thinking that I should know better by now. So why don’t I? Or maybe I do and I have just failed, either in the moment or entirely, to put that childish way behind me. Ouch.

 Failure. I fail, yet again. Because I failed once or twice I resolve to believe that I cannot accomplish what I wanted to do. Well that is mature. Lets take a step back and re think that thought. How many times did my children have to fail at the shoe tying thing? How many times did they fail at reading that really big word? And what was I doing? I was encouraging them to try again and that making a good effort, failing and trying again are all part of the process that leads to success.

 Now if you have ever followed my blogging before then you probably got bored. Why? Because I fail to keep up with it. And if you are keeping track of what number attempt this will be, then you need something else to focus on other than my failures. And so do I. I am trying again. Same blog, new effort, because I sense this is an outlet I need to pursue. The Wright Brothers had countless (actually they did keep count) fails before they had success. Now I do not plan on needing another attempt at walking this blog thing through faithfully. However, I do need some resolve to get up and go again. To put the childish behavior of giving up on something good, just because it requires a little extra from me.

 And so today I begin again. I will be writing more on leaving childish ways behind, as we are adults now.

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.”         The Apostle Paul