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Not What I Expected

 Well, not that anything goes exactly like we expect it to. After all, we have variables that are out of our control. I am not talking nature and people, I am talking of the divine. I had a plan. It was going to work; and then РBam! Something beyond what I could see when I began the journey broke over the horizon like a sunrise after the stormy night. All I could do was stand in awe as I watched it come into view and begin to flood into my life.

Now, in the realm of child-likeness there are highs and lows. Things to grow out of and things to continue to allow ourselves to embrace. In this current life-altering path, I am seeing the childlike attribute of reckless abandon. Jump in, drink deep, trust fully and run like the wind in the direction that the Lord is leading us to go. Like a child, given a gift, given an opportunity, given more than they could attain by way of their own efforts. My mind wanders to a time when I could laugh and run in the fields of tall grass in the warm – OK burning hot – Texas summers. Full of joy, reckless abandon, not worried about the outcome of running in the freedom I had been given.

Keep in mind I am not saying we should, nor that I will, live void of boundaries and the wise council of close friends. What I am saying is that there is no need to over analyze, over spiritualize nor over glamorize what has been given. The Lord does want to lead us in amazing adventures and then see us walk in that path that he has set before us, even when it is not what we expected.

Like a children, will we enjoy the gift, the opportunity and run like the wind…