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Facing Fate: Growing Old(er) With Grace

We are growing old(er). As I look around at our culture I sense a great aversion to this timeless truth. We will grow old. Our skin will wrinkle, our hair will lighten, our running pace will slow. And yet, we are not preparing to face these changes with grace. No, we fight with both hands tightly gripping youthfulness as though it were the golden goose.

Growing old with grace is about more than staying healthy and looking good.

Its about how we do the things we do, as we mature to being the old(er) people in life. Are you in any way preparing yourself for this stage? It seems most people are striving to avoid it like a plague! I am all for keeping our bodies healthy and strong, useable and healthy. But hear me on this one, that is only part of growing towards this next stage of life.

No matter where you consider yourself in this timeline I encourage you to surround yourself with people on both sides. Those whom you can lead, and those who are leading you. Maybe like this we can begin to value the treasure of growing old(er) with grace.

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For some reason I have always thought I would be developing the ability to persevere, but never actually doing it. I don’t know why I thought like that. Maybe because things just seemed to always be uphill for an underdog. Probably I was mis-applying an important truth.  I was also telling myself that this was just going to be tough forever, any way I sliced it – so go and don’t die while trying to survive.

But I don’t think like that anymore. It may be uphill, but I am not an underdog. (And, if you are a follower of Christ, then you are not an underdog either!) Now I am moving to a season in my life where I feel like I am moving in perseverance, not just developing it. In this new season I am able to recognize others who are developing their ability to persevere. It will all be worth it! Stick with it!

Listen friend, I am not talking about the ability to just stomach it and push through. I am talking about living a life where you work hard at obeying God and applying his commands (not slight suggestions) to how you handle things. The tough things – the things you’re not sure how to do, the things you don’t want to have to deal with, the things you want to walk away from and forget about. Perseverance develops; and you gain strength, perspective and hope. Persevering matures you, not bailing out grows you up into a mature adult. Stick with it!

Study God’s word, persevere, obey the Lord with your choices in the tough stuff of life. Your life will be blessed! Look it up for yourself: Find it in the bible, the book/letter titled ‘James’, its towards the end.

Praying you persevere ~ Mamite Watters

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Hello, Again.

Once again I am embarking on a blogging pathway. This time, however, I will be recruiting some help. As thoughts about life and lessons fill my mind I often ask what the ‘take home’ is and what I can share with others from it.

Here is what I have learned 2.5 years into an adoption of two angry teenagers:

God is able to handle ANYTHING! And I can handle more when I am following him.

Proof? There are no longer two angry teenagers threatening me and my family. We are all still together and we WANT to stay together for as long as possible! (context: they are going to grow up and leave the nest, eventually)

My husband and I are still together. Nothing like a train wreck in your own home to tear the family apart. But we are not torn apart, we are stronger. We definitely had some serious injuries occur in the last few years. God is healing them all, and healing all of us.

I am thankful to be the mom in this home, for each of these children. I am thankful that the Lord never leaves for a vacation, or even a nap! I am thankful that every lesson I learn and skill I grow in can be shared with others in my life. I am thankful for you.

I will be posting about all kinds of things that pertain to life as a woman, wife and mother. My goal is to encourage and challenge you along the way. Lets get going, its time to grow!