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I’ll show you some……..trouble!

Nothing makes me happier than to be a part of someone else’s spiritual growth! I am especially thrilled when that growth happens in one of my precious, and precocious, children. Recently one of these darlings had a huge paradigm shift, one that probably saved their entire theology from being tainted. It might be a blessing to you also…

They believed that God would never give them something in life that was too much for them  to handle. (insert chuckle b/c this kid is oft too much for me to handle) Considering the harsh circumstances that said child began life enveloped in, I was fairly surprised. They had somehow adopted this belief in a God who doles out life like a coin-less candy dispenser, as in carefree and easy all the time. I can see where that hope for a genie-like god and home on ‘easy street’ could have grown in her early years.

Basically she believed that those who follow Jesus will have care free lives, with no troubles. Because of this belief her salvation was constantly in question. If following Jesus means an  easy life, and bountiful blessings – things she was not getting- then she was not saved. Never able to be good enough to be blessed. Here is how we tackled her trouble…

First up, Matthew 6:34 – Don’t worry about tomorrow, its got enough trouble of its own to worry about. Tomorrow has some issues…

Then there is this one, 2 Corinthians 1:4 Its about God comforting us in all of our troubles, and us comforting others in all of their troubles.

And finally, James 1:2 Clearly stated: when troubles come, practice joy!

So, sweet spunky child of mine – and reader- you are going to face some troubles in this life. But, you are not alone and it is not all resting on your shoulders. Take heart, have hope, live in faith! God’s love for you does not spare you from the realities of being alive. He does give us something, or rather someone, though…

Matthew 28:20 Jesus is always with you, to the end!

John 6:35+ In Jesus we have everything we truly need, like perspective.

John 16:33 Jesus has had success in defeating this world!

What to do now? Well, lets first accept that this life is not going to be easy – easy is overrated anyhow! Second, we need to be honest with others about our own troubles, and supportive of others through their troubles. We can stand on the Rock and make it through the troubles of this life together! I hope you will consider these freeing truths and make a real effort to apply them to your life-routine.


Mammite Watters

(Parents, I encourage you to be honest with your children also when you know you’ve messed up in-front of them. That modeling career you’ve always  dreamed of is ready for you!)