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Adoption #2

Its finally time to start the updates on our next grand adventure in parenting, adopting two more Latvian siblings!

Our summer included an unexpected, last minute, hosting of Little ‘O’. She stayed for a month inner home and left too soon. Our hearts were overjoyed at her arrival, and awakened with the realization the she is one of us. Yes indeed! Little ‘O’ is a Watters Girl. And soon, she and her younger brother will be here with us. Yes, you just read that right. Brother,  little, soon.

We are making our lists, checking them twice,

and looking up good flights at a great price.

As it stands we are awaiting word this week for our first round of court and social worker dates in Latvia. We have requested to travel as soon as next month! Everyone here is excited, nervous, hopeful and just ready to get things moving.

We have been working on this adoption since May of 2016. Its longer than a pregnancy, and shorter than forever. Some of you will remember that our previous Latvian adoption required 3 trips to Latvia over the course of 6 months.It will be very much the same this time. For our first trip we will stay for a few weeks and get to know the children and their culture more. Pray for Adam, he is learning Latvian! I am so proud of him.

At this point we have had a lot of questions about clothing needs, help while we are gone, cost, and so on. Thank you, to those of you who have already begun meeting those needs! Per clothing for the children,  we are going to wait until we have them home to do much about purchasing clothing. Help with those who will stay behind. If you are available to help with our non travelers just email me or call. I don’t have much to say otherwise until we get our travel plan set in stone. Finally, the cost. Yes, it is very expensive to adopt from Latvia. The majority of the expenses lies in the travel & housing while in country. If you would like to help with the adoption specific fees, travel expenses or otherwise in a financial way here is how:

PayPal  PayPal.Me/aprilwatters

Texas Bank & Trust account labeled ‘Adoption’ for Adam Watters (2 T’s)

Adoption Related Services, Inc. can also receive a donation for adoption specific fees only on our behalf. This would need to be a check with ‘Adam Watters’ in the note line.               Adoption Related Services, Inc., P.O. Box 201 Shrewsbury, PA 17361

Thank you for the prayers, words of encouragement, serious questions and provisions. We will keep you updated as things move along. We cannot post photos yet, but I assure you, they are healthy & cute!!! For those of you who live closer we are very excited for you to get to know our new kiddos this spring. Until sooner or later…

Blessings! Mamite April, for the Watters Clan