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t-3 weeks & counting

Planning Done

The flights are booked and paid for! The apartments are reserved. The suitcases are all selected and laid out for packing. The cold weather clothing has been purchased.

3 weeks of Latvian living is on the horizon! At the end of the three weeks two precious  little Latvians will be making Texas their new home. I hope they like boots, warm weather and dogs!

3 weeks. For some that is an eternity, for others it is a blink of an eye. To me it seems an eternity – at this moment. Only 3 weeks separate us for our new kiddos! That is less than 3 months, more than 3 days and just enough time to finish things up here. Or is it?

Change will come.

Nothing is ever the same. Nothing. We will see it all with new eyes and feel it all with new emotions. Our home will change here and there, our family will change more than a bit. And no amount of time will ever be enough to prepare a parent for their new child(ren). I know the LORD’s timing is just right. I would have planned this months ago!!!

The LORD is infinitely wise.

In the months of waiting our new kiddos have built a strong relationship with each other. They were moved to a more involved and patient foster home, with a Latvian speaking foster mom. They have been healthy, happy and have learned about ‘home’ & ‘family’. The planning of their preparation is no small accident. We knew the situations they had been in, and would be living in while waiting for us to come. So we prayed some very specific prayers. That was in August. In January we learned that the LORD had gone above & beyond in answering every single prayer.


What to do? No, really – what will we be doing?

For 3 weeks we will be ‘hosting’ our new Latvians in an apartment in Daugavpils. Micah & Laura are coming along to help transition our new family members into some norms. We will do all the normal things a family would do, except no one is going off to work. Wait that IS normal for me!  The kids will be doing school at the apartment and we will have lots of cool walks. Cool because the high temperature will be in the mid 30’s! Thankfully the town we will be in is bigger than tiny and has great history to explore. Most importantly we will be learning about each other!


Please cover the kids in your prayers. So much will change, and yet some thing will never change. Pray for their hearts to be prepared, all 7 of them. Pray for Adam and I to remain calm and attentive in stressful situations. Pray for our language skills to increase as we are in Latvia. Pray for those who are helping with the big kids while we are gone.

Thank you for your prayers, support & donations!


Mammite Watters