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Who Needs A Nap?

Me! I need a nap, or I did. While you were sleeping I was beginning to form our new daily routine. For me a daily routine always includes a quiet time with a book. Why the book? Really because it serves as a great distraction for littles focusing on resting. Today the girls had a nice quiet time, and D. took to a much needed nap as well.

This was our second full day together. The all of the kids are having a great time playing in the snow, eating the great food Adam is cooking and learning to get along. The new foster mom the littles has this past year is amazing! She did a phenomenal job of teaching and training them, and they are a joy to be around.

Besides shopping for daily grocery needs we are also taking lots of walks. Yesterday Adam and Micah clocked in over 7 miles! (Adam is napping now) The littles and I have walked less than 1/2 of that, but still a good bit. We learned the hard way to never put your things down and walk away from them… The apartment where we are has a parking lot that was filled with snow – lots of snow fights!

School is simple for the kids. A few small review books and a kitchen table = quick, to the point lessons each day. O. had her lessons in a pre-k book and with counting to 10 in Latvian & English. Neither of the littles know their letters, numbers or much else. The blessing and challenge of that will be good for them. We do want all of our Latvian children to retain their native tongue. Our main goal in this is to prepare them for their future desire to connect with their birth country & potential family, should any appear.

Overall we are having a good time! The main challenge is parenting littles without a yard or friends near by. Truly, everything else has been a pleasure. The Court is a delightful set of friendly faces! We are very thankful for this enjoyable and special time.



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