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Love Is

There are those who ask, and those who wonder, how I can love the children whom I adopt ‘like my own’. This is a question I have also asked myself. How? As the years of being an adoptive family have unfolded I have found my answer in the LORD’s Word:

 Love Is Patient.

Patience is continuing without complaining.

Love Is Kind.

Kindness is showing gentleness and a desire to help others.

Love Is Humble.

Humility is not thinking you are better than another person.

Love Is Faithful.

Faithfulness is true and constant support and loyalty.

Love Is Honest.

Honesty is not hiding the truth.

Love Is Just.

Justice is impartial.

Love Is Forgiving.

Forgiveness is to stop feeling anger towards someone who has done wrong.

Love Is Hopeful.

Hopefulness is to expect with confidence.

Love Is Steadfast.

Steadfastness is devotion that does not change.

Love Is Strong.

Strength is the ability to do something difficult for a long time.

Love Is Joyful.

Joy is to delight in.

 So then, the answer for how I can love our adopted children is the same for how I can best love the children who were born into our family. Love is not merely a great emotion that overtakes in times of happiness and ease. Love is making choices to give to another that which God, in Christ Jesus, has also given to me.

Here is the place where the road takes a ‘Y’. Relationship vs Love. The love I have for each of my children is the same. The relationship depth and breadth I have with each of them is different. Born in or adopted into, all have a range of connectedness that is unique. This relationship connection is based on so much more than merely how they became mine.

Relationship has an ebb and flow that Love does not.IMG_8822

   I am certainly not a perfect mom. Neither are my precious peeps perfect . Perfection is not the goal. My goal is living everyday loving them each the same, in the slight imperfections of our unique relationships. And in that imperfect loving effort,  we grow stronger relationships as one of a kind as the snowflakes that fall from Texas to Latvia.



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