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Daily Doses of Coffee

Yes. I drink coffee. With milk. Here that is something you can get from any gas station machine! And you can buy packets of yummy coffee & milk that just need some hot water to be your BFF. Or your brave son can go order a latte to go from the local coffee shop!

I could stay here longer, but not without you.

Coffee Delivery Guy – Him so Cute!

Of all the things I miss the most, its really just you that I miss.

The way our busy lives weave together, intersect, or collide at times.

I miss my people!

Other than missing you, things are going well. The amount of time we have had in Latvia with the new kiddos has allowed us to get to know them as a pair. And what a pair they are! At 15 months apart they are more like twins, same level in everything.

Our gal is spunky and comes up with her own plan for most anything! Just today at nap she let me know that we were going somewhere in the car. RIGHT NOW. Her day bag was packed. Oh dear me! Her younger brother was on board with her idea, no questions asked. I’d better get some sensors on the doors at home…

Brother is a charmer. Hold onto your hats ladies! He is going to burst into your lives with as much charm as an old crooner, or more. He is absolutely loving having some rough ‘guy’ time with Adam and Micah. We bought him a new pair of shoes at the Crocs store the other day, he chose camo. I think we will be just fine together.

Overall we have learned enough about one another to be able to transition quickly to our new routine back home. My Latvian is good enough to communicate with them clearly. Their English is growing. They are so sweet to help me with my vocabulary & pronunciation. Seriously love speaking Latvian with them! We’ve has some good laugh about silly words. Bubbles, for example, makes them laugh. If only our older Latvian kids would have been so kind about our efforts. Bus labi.

Per education, the kids will not be citizens, so they cannot attend our regular schools. I will probably look for a two day a week program that they can attend. Any suggestions? It needs to be something where they actually get some instruction. At 5 & 6 they have had nothing. Not exaggerating. Can’t count to 10 in any language, and they are learning their 3rd language now. We are working with them, but have observed that they are very motivated when observing other kids their ages.

We will be home in a few days and then waiting on our next travel dates. Today we should get their visitors Visas that will get them through until they are citizens. Our next trip dates will be determined by how fast USCIS processes our next round of paperwork, and the Latvian courts’ schedule. Adam can travel solo for the next trip, no need to bring the kids back for that.

After that trip we will be waiting on the Latvian courts to process paperwork and send it to the US Embassy in Riga. When they received everything from the Latvian courts then they will send us dates to appear in Riga for finalization of the adoption. The kids and I will have to travel back here for a week at that time. I’d like to say it will all be done by this coming school year, but I don’t know if it will be.

Through all the details you can know one thing, the kids are with us and will remain with us from now on!

Our official ‘Gotcha Day’ is March 6, 2017.

Thank you for your prayers and private messages!



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