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2.5 month update

Good Day!

Its been awhile since I have posted an update. I haven’t even though about it. Oh well! Here it finally is…

The adjustment to family life is going well. The kids had no frame for family structure, so we are teaching that.

At this point we have adjusted to a daily routine, places to play and not play, and some trust. One thing that may come as a surprise to you is how bossy the kids tend to be. We call this an ‘overdeveloped adult voice’. Its challenging to work with, though it is similar to a stubborn streak. Basically the kids have had to be self-sufficient and therefore have an inner drive to be the boss, no matter what. For me personally this is easier to manage than for Adam. Ya’ll pray for him. As the big kids say, “they are fine until mom leaves.”

Joy likes to pretend she can read. I love that she understands that those letters are supposed to tell her something. It shows us someone had been reading books to them enough to develop an understanding. She loves to care for her babies and make mud pies. Her language development is less verbal, and more of just understanding what is being said.

Ethan loves to pretend he is Super Man! He will say that he is not Ethan, but Sumer Man. When he first joined us it was clear he had 99% female influence in his life. He has really enjoyed the nerf wars, wood burning, hotdog eating, and rough housing! Micah helps me with him daily, however Ben is the champion who has won his heart. Ethan’s language development is surprising us weekly! He picks up short phrases and uses them at just the right time. He understands less overall, but uses English more than his sister.

Bikes are probably the favorite thing to do. I love seeing them transition from needing to be pushed to racing anyone who will dare!

Overall we are enjoying our newbies and looking forward to the completion of their adoption. Our adoption court date is in early June! (in Latvia) After this court trip we will have one more trip to Latvia to finalize things. This last trip is, thus far, unfunded. I will need to travel with the two littles and a helper. Plane tickets make up the majority of the expense on this third trip. We will have a full week in Riga, doctor visits, passport office and US Embassy appointments. At the end of the week our newbies will be officially our newest little Americans.