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2.5 month update

Good Day!

Its been awhile since I have posted an update. I haven’t even though about it. Oh well! Here it finally is…

The adjustment to family life is going well. The kids had no frame for family structure, so we are teaching that.

At this point we have adjusted to a daily routine, places to play and not play, and some trust. One thing that may come as a surprise to you is how bossy the kids tend to be. We call this an ‘overdeveloped adult voice’. Its challenging to work with, though it is similar to a stubborn streak. Basically the kids have had to be self-sufficient and therefore have an inner drive to be the boss, no matter what. For me personally this is easier to manage than for Adam. Ya’ll pray for him. As the big kids say, “they are fine until mom leaves.”

Joy likes to pretend she can read. I love that she understands that those letters are supposed to tell her something. It shows us someone had been reading books to them enough to develop an understanding. She loves to care for her babies and make mud pies. Her language development is less verbal, and more of just understanding what is being said.

Ethan loves to pretend he is Super Man! He will say that he is not Ethan, but Sumer Man. When he first joined us it was clear he had 99% female influence in his life. He has really enjoyed the nerf wars, wood burning, hotdog eating, and rough housing! Micah helps me with him daily, however Ben is the champion who has won his heart. Ethan’s language development is surprising us weekly! He picks up short phrases and uses them at just the right time. He understands less overall, but uses English more than his sister.

Bikes are probably the favorite thing to do. I love seeing them transition from needing to be pushed to racing anyone who will dare!

Overall we are enjoying our newbies and looking forward to the completion of their adoption. Our adoption court date is in early June! (in Latvia) After this court trip we will have one more trip to Latvia to finalize things. This last trip is, thus far, unfunded. I will need to travel with the two littles and a helper. Plane tickets make up the majority of the expense on this third trip. We will have a full week in Riga, doctor visits, passport office and US Embassy appointments. At the end of the week our newbies will be officially our newest little Americans.

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Daily Doses of Coffee

Yes. I drink coffee. With milk. Here that is something you can get from any gas station machine! And you can buy packets of yummy coffee & milk that just need some hot water to be your BFF. Or your brave son can go order a latte to go from the local coffee shop!

I could stay here longer, but not without you.

Coffee Delivery Guy – Him so Cute!

Of all the things I miss the most, its really just you that I miss.

The way our busy lives weave together, intersect, or collide at times.

I miss my people!

Other than missing you, things are going well. The amount of time we have had in Latvia with the new kiddos has allowed us to get to know them as a pair. And what a pair they are! At 15 months apart they are more like twins, same level in everything.

Our gal is spunky and comes up with her own plan for most anything! Just today at nap she let me know that we were going somewhere in the car. RIGHT NOW. Her day bag was packed. Oh dear me! Her younger brother was on board with her idea, no questions asked. I’d better get some sensors on the doors at home…

Brother is a charmer. Hold onto your hats ladies! He is going to burst into your lives with as much charm as an old crooner, or more. He is absolutely loving having some rough ‘guy’ time with Adam and Micah. We bought him a new pair of shoes at the Crocs store the other day, he chose camo. I think we will be just fine together.

Overall we have learned enough about one another to be able to transition quickly to our new routine back home. My Latvian is good enough to communicate with them clearly. Their English is growing. They are so sweet to help me with my vocabulary & pronunciation. Seriously love speaking Latvian with them! We’ve has some good laugh about silly words. Bubbles, for example, makes them laugh. If only our older Latvian kids would have been so kind about our efforts. Bus labi.

Per education, the kids will not be citizens, so they cannot attend our regular schools. I will probably look for a two day a week program that they can attend. Any suggestions? It needs to be something where they actually get some instruction. At 5 & 6 they have had nothing. Not exaggerating. Can’t count to 10 in any language, and they are learning their 3rd language now. We are working with them, but have observed that they are very motivated when observing other kids their ages.

We will be home in a few days and then waiting on our next travel dates. Today we should get their visitors Visas that will get them through until they are citizens. Our next trip dates will be determined by how fast USCIS processes our next round of paperwork, and the Latvian courts’ schedule. Adam can travel solo for the next trip, no need to bring the kids back for that.

After that trip we will be waiting on the Latvian courts to process paperwork and send it to the US Embassy in Riga. When they received everything from the Latvian courts then they will send us dates to appear in Riga for finalization of the adoption. The kids and I will have to travel back here for a week at that time. I’d like to say it will all be done by this coming school year, but I don’t know if it will be.

Through all the details you can know one thing, the kids are with us and will remain with us from now on!

Our official ‘Gotcha Day’ is March 6, 2017.

Thank you for your prayers and private messages!

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On Purpose

Here we are, at then end of week 2! We are adjusting to one another and to the town. And a very interesting town it is! They do not speak Latvian, in the Latvian town of Daugavpils. They speak Russian, also known as anti-American. Yikes! However, the people have been kind to us, and how much kinder the Lord has been!

We are here for the adoption, but the Lord has shown us that there is more to be done. Just today we are getting to know a Ukrainian missionary, Vova. There are few missionaries here in the region. It is the poorest, most depressed, unchurched and ‘on-its-toes’ region in all of Latvia. (Russia is very interested in this region.)

There are some really good things happening here, but few to serve.


 The Salvation Army is here! They have a compassionate crew serving the homeless and orphans. Vova takes a car full of kids from the local orphanage to Bible study at the Salvation Army on Saturday & Sunday. They  also provide dignity to the homes with a weekly shower & clothing exchange day. God is so personal to meet the needs!

Vova is also working as the regional contact for Samaritan’s Purse. Few churches here work together, nor outside of their denominational boundaries. Therefore the impact of these multi denominational organizations is varied. As I mentioned there are few missionaries here. Vova is also being faithful and working with the prison once a week. They could use a helping hand or two…

To say we are thankful to have met a brother in Christ who is so actively serving the people of Daugavpils is an understatement. We are now asking how we are supposed to be a part of the ministry here. Not one connection is accidental. Please join us in praying for Vova, his family & ministry. The two biggest needs now are for a van and for partnership with other people. People here in Daugavpils and/or new missionaries to Daugavpils. Vova  has also mentioned prayer support! It won’t cost you a dime to pray, so thank you for giving the time! (as in the next few minutes)

On the short end it looks like we will get to help provide transportation to a group of kids, from the local orphanage, to the Sunday morning Bible study. Because we have a van! We we attend the Salvation Army service. I hear that a trip to church with Vova also includes some ice cream! I’ll be sure to confirm that rumor tomorrow.

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Love Is

There are those who ask, and those who wonder, how I can love the children whom I adopt ‘like my own’. This is a question I have also asked myself. How? As the years of being an adoptive family have unfolded I have found my answer in the LORD’s Word:

 Love Is Patient.

Patience is continuing without complaining.

Love Is Kind.

Kindness is showing gentleness and a desire to help others.

Love Is Humble.

Humility is not thinking you are better than another person.

Love Is Faithful.

Faithfulness is true and constant support and loyalty.

Love Is Honest.

Honesty is not hiding the truth.

Love Is Just.

Justice is impartial.

Love Is Forgiving.

Forgiveness is to stop feeling anger towards someone who has done wrong.

Love Is Hopeful.

Hopefulness is to expect with confidence.

Love Is Steadfast.

Steadfastness is devotion that does not change.

Love Is Strong.

Strength is the ability to do something difficult for a long time.

Love Is Joyful.

Joy is to delight in.

 So then, the answer for how I can love our adopted children is the same for how I can best love the children who were born into our family. Love is not merely a great emotion that overtakes in times of happiness and ease. Love is making choices to give to another that which God, in Christ Jesus, has also given to me.

Here is the place where the road takes a ‘Y’. Relationship vs Love. The love I have for each of my children is the same. The relationship depth and breadth I have with each of them is different. Born in or adopted into, all have a range of connectedness that is unique. This relationship connection is based on so much more than merely how they became mine.

Relationship has an ebb and flow that Love does not.IMG_8822

   I am certainly not a perfect mom. Neither are my precious peeps perfect . Perfection is not the goal. My goal is living everyday loving them each the same, in the slight imperfections of our unique relationships. And in that imperfect loving effort,  we grow stronger relationships as one of a kind as the snowflakes that fall from Texas to Latvia.

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Who Needs A Nap?

Me! I need a nap, or I did. While you were sleeping I was beginning to form our new daily routine. For me a daily routine always includes a quiet time with a book. Why the book? Really because it serves as a great distraction for littles focusing on resting. Today the girls had a nice quiet time, and D. took to a much needed nap as well.

This was our second full day together. The all of the kids are having a great time playing in the snow, eating the great food Adam is cooking and learning to get along. The new foster mom the littles has this past year is amazing! She did a phenomenal job of teaching and training them, and they are a joy to be around.

Besides shopping for daily grocery needs we are also taking lots of walks. Yesterday Adam and Micah clocked in over 7 miles! (Adam is napping now) The littles and I have walked less than 1/2 of that, but still a good bit. We learned the hard way to never put your things down and walk away from them… The apartment where we are has a parking lot that was filled with snow – lots of snow fights!

School is simple for the kids. A few small review books and a kitchen table = quick, to the point lessons each day. O. had her lessons in a pre-k book and with counting to 10 in Latvian & English. Neither of the littles know their letters, numbers or much else. The blessing and challenge of that will be good for them. We do want all of our Latvian children to retain their native tongue. Our main goal in this is to prepare them for their future desire to connect with their birth country & potential family, should any appear.

Overall we are having a good time! The main challenge is parenting littles without a yard or friends near by. Truly, everything else has been a pleasure. The Court is a delightful set of friendly faces! We are very thankful for this enjoyable and special time.

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Time To Fly

Its finally time!

We are excited and ready to go. Plans made, bags packed and prayers prayed. To follow us on the journey you can check our blog or Facebook page.

Thank you for all of your prayers & help along the adoption journey thus far!Love RocksWe look forward to introducing you to the newest Watters Kids soon!

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t-3 weeks & counting

Planning Done

The flights are booked and paid for! The apartments are reserved. The suitcases are all selected and laid out for packing. The cold weather clothing has been purchased.

3 weeks of Latvian living is on the horizon! At the end of the three weeks two precious  little Latvians will be making Texas their new home. I hope they like boots, warm weather and dogs!

3 weeks. For some that is an eternity, for others it is a blink of an eye. To me it seems an eternity – at this moment. Only 3 weeks separate us for our new kiddos! That is less than 3 months, more than 3 days and just enough time to finish things up here. Or is it?

Change will come.

Nothing is ever the same. Nothing. We will see it all with new eyes and feel it all with new emotions. Our home will change here and there, our family will change more than a bit. And no amount of time will ever be enough to prepare a parent for their new child(ren). I know the LORD’s timing is just right. I would have planned this months ago!!!

The LORD is infinitely wise.

In the months of waiting our new kiddos have built a strong relationship with each other. They were moved to a more involved and patient foster home, with a Latvian speaking foster mom. They have been healthy, happy and have learned about ‘home’ & ‘family’. The planning of their preparation is no small accident. We knew the situations they had been in, and would be living in while waiting for us to come. So we prayed some very specific prayers. That was in August. In January we learned that the LORD had gone above & beyond in answering every single prayer.


What to do? No, really – what will we be doing?

For 3 weeks we will be ‘hosting’ our new Latvians in an apartment in Daugavpils. Micah & Laura are coming along to help transition our new family members into some norms. We will do all the normal things a family would do, except no one is going off to work. Wait that IS normal for me!  The kids will be doing school at the apartment and we will have lots of cool walks. Cool because the high temperature will be in the mid 30’s! Thankfully the town we will be in is bigger than tiny and has great history to explore. Most importantly we will be learning about each other!


Please cover the kids in your prayers. So much will change, and yet some thing will never change. Pray for their hearts to be prepared, all 7 of them. Pray for Adam and I to remain calm and attentive in stressful situations. Pray for our language skills to increase as we are in Latvia. Pray for those who are helping with the big kids while we are gone.

Thank you for your prayers, support & donations!


Mammite Watters