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On Purpose

Here we are, at then end of week 2! We are adjusting to one another and to the town. And a very interesting town it is! They do not speak Latvian, in the Latvian town of Daugavpils. They speak Russian, also known as anti-American. Yikes! However, the people have been kind to us, and how much kinder the Lord has been!

We are here for the adoption, but the Lord has shown us that there is more to be done. Just today we are getting to know a Ukrainian missionary, Vova. There are few missionaries here in the region. It is the poorest, most depressed, unchurched and ‘on-its-toes’ region in all of Latvia. (Russia is very interested in this region.)

There are some really good things happening here, but few to serve.


 The Salvation Army is here! They have a compassionate crew serving the homeless and orphans. Vova takes a car full of kids from the local orphanage to Bible study at the Salvation Army on Saturday & Sunday. They  also provide dignity to the homes with a weekly shower & clothing exchange day. God is so personal to meet the needs!

Vova is also working as the regional contact for Samaritan’s Purse. Few churches here work together, nor outside of their denominational boundaries. Therefore the impact of these multi denominational organizations is varied. As I mentioned there are few missionaries here. Vova is also being faithful and working with the prison once a week. They could use a helping hand or two…

To say we are thankful to have met a brother in Christ who is so actively serving the people of Daugavpils is an understatement. We are now asking how we are supposed to be a part of the ministry here. Not one connection is accidental. Please join us in praying for Vova, his family & ministry. The two biggest needs now are for a van and for partnership with other people. People here in Daugavpils and/or new missionaries to Daugavpils. Vova  has also mentioned prayer support! It won’t cost you a dime to pray, so thank you for giving the time! (as in the next few minutes)

On the short end it looks like we will get to help provide transportation to a group of kids, from the local orphanage, to the Sunday morning Bible study. Because we have a van! We we attend the Salvation Army service. I hear that a trip to church with Vova also includes some ice cream! I’ll be sure to confirm that rumor tomorrow.